Arjun Majumdar is often asked about the “surprises” on the Rupin Pass trek. He puts down a list here of the 12 surprises of the Rupin Pass trek in Himachal...

 Read more here... 






Arjun Majumdar writes about the Goechala trek and tells why  it is one of the most romantic trails in the country. 


"I have never been as enamored by a trek as I have been of the Goechala. It is the most romantic trek that I have done. There are lots in the trek that make it romantic. Read more here... 


Why the Kashmir Great Lakes trek is a pilgrimage

Kashmir great lakes trek


Sandhya UC talks about Indiahikes tryst with the Great lakes trek and why the trek is like a pilgrimage to her


"When we announced the Kashmir exploratory trek people got excited. We got some fresh job applicants too! They said, “If this is your kind of work, we want to be a part of it!”. 

Our tryst with the Kashmir great lakes trek started 3 years ago ... Read more


 Arjun Majumdar writes about why Buran Ghati is special to Indiahikes

Our Rupin Pass trail would not have been discovered if it wasn't for the Buran Ghati trek. The story goes back many years, almost 10 years, when Indiahikes hadn't started yet. Read more here... 
Join Arjun Majumdar on the Buran Ghati trek leaving this June 7, Register here...


Here is a photo story of Nag Tibba  trek by Vaibhav Chauhan.
Nag Tibba is a trekkers delight. Though its a relatively unknown trail near Mussoorie, it can easily be considered one of the best weekend treks that you can do out of Delhi.  Join us for the weekend trek on March 8, 2014. Register here




Stok Kangri


Arjun Majumdar shares his concerns about the nature of the Stok Kangri trail and why it is meant for the experienced trekker.


He says "The number of new trekkers who want to do the Stok Kangri trek surprises me. Some of them have not done any high altitude trek, not even a relatively simpler one like the Roopkund... Read more here... 



Arjun Majumdar chooses one of the two beautiful treks as a better one.


'This is a question that I am asked often – and one I find very difficult to answer. It is so hard to choose between the two great treks.. Read more here...



 goecha la trek


Izzat Ansari shares here the latest on Green trails from the slopes, she says


"Hello all green trekkers!

Sanjay Guhathakurta is a crusader who, along with Soumen and Kuntal,  threw himself whole heartedly into ensuring that his team of Goechala September 29 made a noteworthy difference to that trail.


 Goechala trek

Arjun Majumdar puts down a handy ready reckoner to choose a trek for a season. It is not easy, but the guide here will help.
 I admit for most trekkers it is going to be difficult to choose a Himalayan trek. There are too many of them and everything looks exciting. I give below a guide on how to choose a trek.
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 goechala trek


Arjun Majumdar writes on when is the right time to introduce your kids to the world of trekking. 


It is wonderful to get calls from parents wanting to know which trek to take their kids on. Parents who are keen trekkers themselves know the value of the outdoors. Kids learn life’s little lessons quickest when they are on an adventure.

 So when do you start kids on trekking? The answer is as young as possible. But not in the way most parents think. Read more here...
Working at a start-up can be extremely rewarding and equally frustrating. In our organization everyone seems to be doing everything! There’s always a perpetual chaos. Yet, people seem to be having a terrific time – and what we say seem to be coming true: You can join Indiahikes, but can never leave!

We are looking for people to join us. We think you’ll love our world of treks
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Latest Trek Videos

Chadar trek - busting some common myths

Chadar trek - busting some common mythsChadar Trek: A typical morning on the Chadar Frozen River TrekHow cold does -10°C feel like? 

Final push ... Stok Kangri summit..!

Final push ... Stok Kangri summit..!The traverse on the snow to the Stok Kangri ridgeMatho Doksa on StokKangriShangPhu on Stok Kangri trek


How to Choose the Right Trekking Shoes?  


Vaibhav Chauhan shares tips on selecting the right trekking shoes




For a trekker, choosing the right trekking shoes is very important. However, this task isn’t easy. Different shoes are suitable for different kinds of treks, depending on the weather, trail condition as well as duration of the trek. The ever-increasing number of choices of trekking shoes makes choosing very difficult for a trekker.




Kareri Lake Trek



By Vaibhav Chauhan 

 Located high between the ranges of Dhauladhar is the perfect elliptical glacial lake - Kareri Dal. While the majority of backpackers are seen flocking to Triund or Indrahar Pass circuit, the 17 km (one way) short trek to Kareri Lake makes for a richer and quieter experience. During the summer season, the pasture lands are rich with green nutritious grass and an array of wild flowers... Read more



Chadar trek jeopardized by a room heater

Latika Payak blogs about what went wrong on a Chadar trek




Sometimes, trivial things that we take for granted turn around and put our dream trek to risk. The story of Grishma Shah is an illustration of things that can go wrong on a trek  Read more... 



Latika Payak blogs on the disposal problems of  biodegradable bags


Bio bags offer a convenient way to relieve oneself on treks. But innovation comes at a price. Read on to know what's the glitch here and how Indiahikes is addressing this challenge Read more here..



Latest Documented Trek Diary


Mahuli Trek

 By Triveni Keskar 


The trek began with train to Asangaon from Mumbai, chosen in a way that we would reach Asangaon by 7:45 am. Getting down to the right of the station, we found chai and vada-pav to break our fast and also found a tempo-driver to take us all to Mahuli fort base from the other end. It’s a good long way towards the fort, easily tracked with wiki information, but with such a number, we thought it best to skip the walk and got down directly at the temple to our right, marking the start of the trail by 9:00 am. As soon as we reached the temple, it started raining! 

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